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Success in 2017 with Fresh Target Oils and Q’s

Happy 2017!

This is the best time for a new batch of Scented Q’s prepared with fresh new Essential Oils.

Probably you know to look for Steam Distilled Oils not Solvent Extracted. Organic whenever possible. Stored in Amber glass and kept at room or cooler refrigerator temperature.

Did you know that the Shelf Life of your Essential Oils is Approx 2 years from the harvesting of the oil?  So if your oil is older than 18 months to 2 years it is probably due for a replacement. Lot’s of handlers are using more oil now to scent their Q’s. That maybe because they are using older oil that just does not have that “Top Note” anymore. Place TWO drops of oil on a cotton pad and let it sit in a baby food size jar. Take the lid off after a couple of hours. When you unscrew the top you should get a good whiff of clean smelling essential oil.

If you compete your dog is going to be sourcing the Freshest Essential Target Odor Oil on freshly made all Cotton/Paper Q’s in a brand new hide container.

You probably spend quite a bit on Classes, Training, Competing and Traveling.

The best and least expensive investment you can make is in Fresh Oil and New Clean Hide Containers.

These new Essential Oil Kits have been added now to our extensive array of choices in Nosework Supplies.



All 3 NACSW Target Odor Essential Oils in a 1 Dram Size Set Inside a Snap Tight Container.


All 5 UKC – Target Odor Essential Oils in 1 Dram Size Inside a Snap Tight Container.
All 4 C-Wags – Target Oil Essential Oils in 1 Dram Size Inside a Snap Tight Container.
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NEW! NOSEWORK themed Car Magnet

All I care about is NOSEWORK  And like maybe 3 people.

This is a custom design from K9NW Source.

The 1st of a series of Nosework themed designs.

These magnets are a bit larger 4″ x 6″ Oval.



Visit our other Magnet “Brags” at:

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Before you know it the Holidays will be upon us.

We can create custom gift packages for your Instructor, Friends and Students.

This Nosework themed M & Ms package was a huge hit in 2014 so we are bringing it back.

Paw Print, Bone, “K9NW” and “SOURCE” on Blue, Green and Red M&Ms. In 1.5 oz packages. Stock is available with our business card Header or bags that you can attach another header to.

Pricing is $5 per package

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Murder at the Mansion: Mock – NW2, NW3 and Elite Level Teams

Photos from the June 12, 2016, “Murder Mystery” Mock NW2, NW3 and Elite Searches held at Welkinweir. Click on an image for a slideshow.



62 Teams participated in NW2, NW3 and Elite style searches.


Special thanks to my Daughter Dani and my Husband Ed Bacon.   I could not do any of these extra “Fun” crazy Nosework Events without them.

Sorry that we did not get many pictures the “Crime Scene Photographer” (My Husband)  was VERY busy and there was just too much to cover.

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2016 … May the SOURCE be with you!

2015 was a year of ups and downs.

K9 NWSource tripled in volume and we made many new friends in the world of “Nosework”.

I was forced to close for part of the summer when an unexpected illness struck in April and then again in July. It was a herculean feat but with the help of family and friends K9 NWSource re-opened in Nov of 2015. With many new products being added each week. A “T” Shirt campaign on showcased our original design “May the SOURCE be with you”. My daughter Dani came to work Part Time at K9 NWSource and we would not be able to continue without her.

My adult Belgian Trevurens Rory and Skye both pulled me thru NW3’s. The youngest Terv Trace got his NW2 the same month he had just turned 1 year old.

I sat on the sidelines for many months recuperating from an extended illness. Great support from my extended “Nosework” family was very appreciated and a great help to get me back to the sport I love.

We have requested to host another trial in 2016!

Will keep you posted.


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Orders may be placed April 1st thru April 9th   —  but will NOT be fulfilled until April 10th.

APRIL 1st 12pm (EST) thru and April 9th at 12pm …
… you may place an order but is will not be processed until I get home the afternoon of April 9th.
  • Orders will be proceeded in the order that they are received.
  • Please do not place an order if it is time sensitive.
  • If you later wish to cancel your order please contact us before April 9th.
  • Feel free to contact me by e-mail if you have a specific question.
  • All items are currently in-stock and we anticipate being able to process all orders and ship by April 10th.
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How to use Straws for Hides

I started using straws over 2 years ago. It seemed silly to use Heat Shrink Tape (which has great uses see upcoming blogs) to make a round long straw type hide. The benefits of straws are:
  • Inexpensive     /     Come in different colors     /   Cut them easily to any length     /     Will fit into the tiniest of spaces
  • Keeps the Q-Tips from contaminating surfaces     /    Hemostats can pull them out     /    Smallest container choice for “Hides”

Straws are available in Black, Brown, Clear and Green. Using Hemostats and wearing Gloves is recommended to load straws. Hemostats will most likely be needed for placement and removal of straw hides.

Straw Hides in Tubes for carrying
Straw Hides in Tubes for carrying


Channeling exercise.
Channeling exercise.
Sparky finds "Source"
Sparky finds “Source”

After aging the hide for about a hour we ran 4 dogs on this “Birch Hide”. Note that the bottom of the straw was pinched closed to have most of the scent go out the top just under the slate.

ORT-Birch level dogs took the longest to source this difficult hide. The slight wind was pulling the odor towards the right of this picture. Also there was a stream below and the moisture of the water was probably also a factor in the scent traveling to the right. They were able to get within a few inches and we rewarded right at source.

NW1 level dogs did some bracketing (one tried to get behind the wall) and then alerted on source.

NW2 and NW3 dogs were able to work out the problem the quickest without “chasing the odor” .

VIDEO POSTS will accompany these post very soon!