Bare Naked 8 hole tin
Bare Naked 8 hole tin4 Color Set – 6 Hole4 Color Set – 3 Hole

Almost “Bare Naked” 8 hole tins… also called “Camp Tins”.

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Product Description

Don’t have time for a hide to “age”… Go Naked with an 8 hole tin.

For a short time these  tins are on sale and come with magnets!


This 8 hole tin has the most holes you can put in the standard Slider and still have a tin that will hold it’s shape and perform well.   When you don’t have time to place your hide and let it “cook” use this gem of a tin.   Your target odor will immediately start to spread.  It’s like Naked Q’s without contaminating surfaces!

Colored 6 or 3 hole tins are now available on here at k9nwsource.

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Bare Naked 8 Hole Slider

8- Hole Slider Tin