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C-Wags Target Odor Items


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Product Description

We have lots to offer C-Wags Scent Detectives.

  • Target Odors in 1 Dram Size


Any of our Kits Deluxe, Plus and Student Starter…  may be ordered with your choice of Target Odor

DELUXE – Target Oil,  Scented Q’s, 2 – Tins, Tweezer, 7- Centrifuge Tubes, 3-Heat Shrink Tubes, 1-Lip Balm Tube.

PLUS – Scented Q’s, 2 – Tins, Tweezer, 2- Centrifuge Tubes, 1-Heat Shrink.

STUDENT – Scented Q’s, 1 – Tin, Tweezer, JUST ADDED 1- Clip-On Hide!

  • Travel Tubes Individually and in Sets

  • Scented Q’s

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C Wags Items

Travel Tube Set, Lemongrass 1-Dram, Cypress 1-Dram, Student Starter Kit Lemongrass, Student Starter Kit Cypress, “Plus” Kit Lemongrass, “Plus” Kit Cypress, “Deluxe” Kit Lemongrass, “Deluxe” Kit Cypress