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Q-Tip “Strength”

There has been a lot of chatter about the importance of Q-Tip Odor “Strength”. What is the proper strength for a Q-Tip? How is that achieved?

  • AKC: 2 “Drops” per Scent Vessel – Dropper Method
  • NACSW: – 3 Q-Tips per Hide – Amount of oil based on size of jar. Visit site for more info.
  • PSD:
  • C-Wags:
  • CPESS:
  • UKC:
  • USCSS:

How can you train for any of these venues and compete successfully in multiple venues? It is really simple. Use a variety of Q-Tip strengths. Train for the low odor concentration you get when running first in the run order. Train for the odor “bomb” you will get in that really small room at the end of the run order.