Mini Plastic Disk Hide Containers

SMALL and Wide - Mini Lacon Hang Hides Main Pic

These long-lasting plastic disks are available in 11 colors. Tiny and easy to load with 1 to 4 short cut Q-Tip’s. You can buy them individually or in sets of:  1 – Magnetic Disk and 1- Clip-On Hangable Disk. Perfect size for AKC Scent Vessels using 1 Q-Tip.

Containers and Scent Vessels

  Containers / Scent Vessels – Metal:  Magnetic Straws  /  Travel Tubes  /  Bullet Tubes Containers / Scent Vessels – Plastic:  Lip Balm (Oval)    /   Cardboard Tubes   /   Plastic Scent Vessels   /   Hanging Hides   /  Mini Hanging Hides  /  Centrifuge Tubes   /   Nasal Tubes   /   Heat Shrink[…]

Straw Containers

Straw Safe Container helps to limit contamination. Containers can also be used as hides. Secure Tops stay in place. No hole in the top contains odor until you want to place your straw hide. Lengthen the life of your straw hides.

Smell Proof Zip Lock Bags

Mylar Smell Proof Bags
  • Holographic Shiny Bags – 50pcs holographic zip lock bags are made of PET and Aluminum foil, food grade material.
  • Sealable and Reclosable – These 4″x 6″mylar bags seal tight with ziplock and are smell/ odor proof.
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Bullet Tubes are back… New Colors too!

Find them at: These tiny MAGNETIC single Q-Tip Hide Containers / Scent Vessels are incredibly useful and FUN to use. 6 Color choices and sets are available. Use a single Bullet Tube for pinpoint hide applications. Gang them up to provide more access to odor. Use the head of a black Q-Tip for the[…]

Starter Kit …”Student Starter”

Student Starter BIRCH NO BOX

Student Starter Kit — Great Small Travel Kit STUDENT STARTER KIT INCLUDES: 1— 3/4oz Jar with 36 WHITE Q-Tips Q-Tips are SCENTED with your choice of — BIRCH,  ANISE,  CLOVE,  CYPRESS, VETIVER or MYRRH 1— Jar Cap and Side “labeled” 1— Tweezer 1—  RED Slider Tin with 3 holes 1— Sliver Slider Tin 8 Holes[…]

Scented Q-Tips for All Venues

Use the dropdown menu below to choose from 3/4oz Jar with approx. 33 Q’s   /   1oz Jar with approx. 66 Q’s   /   or the 2oz Jar with approx. 112 Q’s