Jars with Scented Q-Tips – 1oz or 2oz size Jars


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We give you more Q’s than other suppliers!

1 oz :  Jar “labeled with target odor” Half White Scented and Half Black Scented Q-Tips 48-52 total —  4 Doz Q’s

2 0z :  Jar “labeled with target odor” Half White Scented and Half Black Scented Q-Tips 96 total  —  8 Doz Q’s


Scents we offer: BIRCH, ANISE, CLOVE, CYPRESS, VETIVER, MYRR and COMBO- Birch and Anise (custom combinations available)


NACSW- 1oz Set: Birch, Anise Clove and Combo (Combo Jar will be empty)

AKC – 1oz Set: Birch, Anise, Clove, Cypress

Additional information

Scented Q-Tips

1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips BIRCH, 2oz Jar: 86 Q-Tips BIRCH, 1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips ANISE, 2oz Jar: 86 Q-Tips ANISE, 1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips CLOVE, 2oz Jar: 86 Q-Tips CLOVE, 1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips CYPRESS, 2oz Jar: 86 Q-Tips CYPRESS, 1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips A/B Combo, 1oz Jar 48 Q-Tips LEMONGRASS, 1oz Jar 48 Q-Tips VETIVER, 1oz Jar 48 Q-Tips MYRRH, NACSW SET in a Snap Tight Box, AKC SET in a Snap Tight Box