“Pop Top” Bottles




This Carry Container for your Loaded Hides will help limit contamination big time!

Place Loaded Hides Inside

  • Put your loaded hide containers in these Pop Tab up to Open and Push Down to Close – AIR TIGHT Bottles.
  • They are translucent so you can see what Hide Containers / Scent Vessels you have without opening them.
  • Have 7 or more hides ready to place.

If you take the added protection of handling these Pop Top Bottles with clean disposable gloves you will have done all you can to limit unintentional spreading of target odor!

*** You can manage these bottles using one hand. Use your thumb to push up on the tab and “Pop” open then press the top down hear the click and it is sealed. ***

PURCHASE EMPTY BOTTLEs OR Loaded with Hide Containers.

Choose carefully from the drop down menu…. there are many options!

Additional information

Squeeze Bottles 2 Sizes

EMPTY – 30 ml Bottle, EMPTY – 60 ml Bottle, 30ml w/ 3 RED Sliders (1,3,6 Holes) and 1- 8 Hole Slider, 30ml w/ 4 Colored Sliders: 3 Holes (1-Each Green, Brown, Gray, Black ), 30ml w/ 4 Colored Sliders: 6 Holes (1-Each Green, Brown, Gray, Black ), 30ml w/ 6 pcs Heat Shrink and 7 Centrifuge Tubes, 60 ml w/ 17 Hide Items as shown, 30ml w/ 4 Travel Tubes, 60ml w/ 6 Travel Tubes