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You will be notified via e-mail of the results of the random draw by 12:00 NOON EST Time, Wednesday August 14, 2013. If you are given a space    in the trial, you will receive information on how to submit payment. You will then have 7 days to complete your payment by check to confirm your space  in the trial.

Payment information will accompany your notification that you have been given space in the trial.

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By registering for the trial, the competitor hereby assumes all risks of, and responsibility for, accidents and/or damage to her/himself or to her/his property or to others, resulting from the actions of her/his dog. The competitor expressly agree that the NACSW™ and its assignees or any other person, or persons, of said groups, shall not be held liable personally, or collectively, under any circumstances, for injury, and/or damage to her/himself, for loss or injury to property, whether due to uncontrolled dogs or negligence of any member of said groups, or any other cause, or causes.

This location may require the competitor and dog to walk long distances over varying terrain.


Complete rules are available at It is the responsibility of each competitor to read and understand the current NACSW™ Rule book prior to participating in a NACSW™ event.


All trial related questions, contact Jane at: