Jars with Scented Q-Tips


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We give you more Q’s than other suppliers!

1 oz :  Jar “labeled with target odor” Half White Scented and Half Black Scented Q-Tips 56-62 total —  5 Doz Q’s

2 0z :  Jar “labeled with target odor” Half White Scented and Half Black Scented Q-Tips 112-124 total  —  10 Doz Q’s

Scents we offer: BIRCH, ANISE, CLOVE, CYPRESS, VETIVER, MYRR and COMBO- Birch and Anise (custom combinations available)


NACSW- 1oz Set: Birch, Anise Clove and Combo (Combo Jar will be empty)

AKC – 1oz Set: Birch, Anise, Clove, Cypress For AKC strength use 4-6 Q-Tips per Hide. No one currently is scenting Q’s for AKC for retail sale by hand w/ 2 drops of oil as specified in the AKC rules. It is just too time consuming.

We heavily scent our Q’s. So they can be used by all venues.
It is recommended that you use:
4-6 Q’s to match AKC strength.
1-2 Q-Tips only needed for NACSW, PSD and C-Wags.
Working dogs on varying strengths of odor is the only way to train. Especially if you are going to compete in multiple venues.


Additional information

Scented Q-Tips

1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips BIRCH, 2oz Jar: 86 Q-Tips BIRCH, 1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips ANISE, 2oz Jar: 86 Q-Tips ANISE, 1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips CLOVE, 2oz Jar: 86 Q-Tips CLOVE, 1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips CYPRESS, 2oz Jar: 86 Q-Tips CYPRESS, 1oz Jar: 48 Q-Tips A/B Combo, 1oz Jar 48 Q-Tips VETIVER, 1oz Jar 48 Q-Tips MYRRH, NACSW SET in a Snap Tight Box, AKC SET in a Snap Tight Box, Add $3 per 1oz jar for ALL BLACK Q-TIPS