Custom made “BRIDLE LEATHER” leashes incredibly soft and strong. Hand dyed in the most vibrant colors. Cut and braided from one hide up to 120ft. They are very light weight and perfect for Nosework / Scentwork. Treat yourself to this one of a kind “lifetime” leash. Average time to make your custom leash and fulfill your order is 4 weeks. Please put any questions or comments in the “Notes” section found on the checkout page.

8mm No Handle Leashes In-Stock

10mm No Handle Leashes In-Stock.

• Leashes with Handles In-Stock.


If you select “custom” length we will contact you for information needed to give you a price quote.

Color Choices for — 8mm (5/16″), 10mm(3/8″), 12mm (1/2″) For a wider leash please contact us.

Golden Rod  •  Orange  •   Red  •   Pink  •   Berry •  Wine  •   Bordeaux  •  Lilac  •  Light Purple  •   Deep Purple  •   Green  •   Jade •  Seafoam  • Royal Blue  •   Midnight Blue  •   Cognac  •   Chestnut  •   Dark Brown  •   Lightest Gray • Dark Gray • Black

Additional Colors below are not available in the 8mm width Lime • Pumpkin  •   Bright Red   •   Baby Pink  •   Vivid Purple  •   Cyan  •   Evergreen  •   Navy  •   Brown  •   Medium Gray

Pick a clip size

Size A : Small dogs approx 12lbs and under. / Size B – : Only in Silver – For Small Dogs approx 30lbs and under. / Size B : Med Dogs Avg 55lbs – light wt and strong good for scent work leash / Size C : Dogs over 55lbs-70lbs that pull / Size D : Big Dogs Avg 70-100lbs and people with Arthritis. Best on 12mm or wider width leash. / Clasp : Easy to open Med to Large Dogs and people with Arthritis. Best on 12mm or wider width leash.