Custom made “BRIDLE LEATHER” leashes / COLLARS incredibly soft and strong. Hand dyed in the most vibrant colors. Cut and braided from one hide up to 120ft. They are very light weight and perfect for Nosework / Scentwork. Treat yourself to this one of a kind “lifetime” LEASH and or COLLAR. Average time to fulfill your order is 4 weeks. Please put any questions or comments in the “Notes” section found on the checkout page.

8mm No Handle Leashes In-Stock

10mm No Handle Leashes In-Stock.

• Leashes with Handles In-Stock.

• Custom Collars in 2 widths


If you select “custom” length we will contact you for information needed to give you a price quote.

Color Choices for — 8mm (5/16″), 10mm(3/8″), 12mm (1/2″) and 15mm (5/8″) For a wider leash please contact us. Matching Collars too!

Golden Rod  •  Orange  •   Red  •   Pink  •   Berry •  Wine  •  Lilac  •   Light Purple  •   Eggplant  •   Moss  •   Green  •   Jade •   Mint  •  Seafoam  • Royal Blue  •   Sky Blue  •   Cognac  •   Chestnut  •   Dark Brown  • Dark Gray • Black

Additional Colors below are not available in the 8mm width Lime • Pumpkin  •   Bright Red   •   Baby Pink  •   Vivid Purple  •   Cyan  •   Evergreen  •   Navy  •   Brown  •   Medium Gray

Pick a clip size

Size A : Small dogs approx 12lbs and under. / Size B – : Only in Silver – For Small Dogs approx 30lbs and under. / Size B : Med Dogs Avg 55lbs – light wt and strong good for scent work leash / Size C : Dogs over 55lbs-70lbs that pull / Size D : Big Dogs Avg 70-100lbs and people with Arthritis. Best on 12mm or wider width leash. / Clasp : Easy to open Med to Large Dogs and people with Arthritis. Best on 12mm or wider width leash.