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The finest hand-made leather and fur tug toys made in the USA. Great Agility and ScentWork Reward Toys. Colors and Furs are constantly changing.

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TugAway Reward Toys

Bungee Cord w/ Hairy Buffalo Fur & Chuck -It ERRATIC Rubber Ball, Buffalo Short Tuff Bar, Bungee Cord w/ Sheep Fur & Soft Kong Ball, Mini Sheep Reward Pouch, Nylon Riot Stick w/ Sheep Wool, Bungee w/ Sheep Wool and Chuck-It Rubber Ball, Fur Squeaker Pouches, Bungee w/ Rabbit Fur and Chuck-It Tennis Ball, Throw 'N Roll Treat Pouch Frisbee, 2 Handle Bungee Cord, Fur Flinger Frisbee, Raccoon Tail Chaser, Buffalo Squeaker for Hard Tuggers, Sheep Squeaker for Hard Tuggers