Pavlov Platter
Odor Introduction PlatePairing Tin Set

Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning / Introduction Plate

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Product Description

Use this brand new item to slowly and gently introduce odor to a puppy or dog new to Nosework. 4 magnets hold the Screwtop Tin securely to the round “Plate” Several tiny meals a day will have your dog “Drooling for Target Odor”.

  • Easy to use Introduction Pairing Plate
  • Slowly expose your Puppy/Dog to Odors you want them to develop a pleasant association with.
  • Easy to Clean
  • 4 Strong Rare Earth Magnets hold the Circle 6 Hole Screwtop Low Profile Tin onto the Tin base
  • Not meant to be used for more than small amounts of the dogs diet. Continue to feed a full meal  after you present the Introduction Plate.

Pairing Tin available for use at home or in class when dog drool contamination is a health concern.