Naughty and Nice… Ultimate Hide Kit


17 – Hide items in a Snap Tight Box.

Red (especially) and silver are easier for the handler to see and be ready to quickly and accurately reward.

There is no difference to your dog as they mostly see black and shades of gray.

And they are of course using their nose not their eyes to locate hides.


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Treat yourself or someone else to the Ultimate in

Stealth Hidden Hides

  • Black/Gray items will conceal hide locations for handlers.

Black 3 Hole Push Top, Gunmetal Gray Lip Balm Tube, Clear & Gray Heat Shrink Tubes, Black Centrifuge Tube, Clear and Black Folded Straws, Smoke Gray Plastic “Button Tin”.

  • Red/Gold/Green items are much easier for handlers to see and be ready to reward quickly and accurately.

Gold 3 Hole and 6 Hole Sliders, Red Travel Tube, Red Nasal Tube, Red & White Heat Shrink Tubes, Gold Lip Balm Tube, Clear 2 Hole Plastic “Button Tin”.


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Naughty and Nice Kit

Red /Silver & Black/Gray- 17 Hide Items Boxed Kit