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Without your help shipping charges could more than double.

Small businesses like K9NWSource rely on the USPS for delivering packages.

Almost 100% of our orders are fulfilled by the USPS. For 6 years they have delivered your orders at affordable rates with reliable service. We are not big enough to get deeply discounted rates from Fed Ex and UPS. Save us and thousands of other small businesses you like by rescuing our only affordable shipping service the USPS.

A few ways you can
help save the “UNITED STATES” Post Office.

  • Buy stamps and use them, give as gifts or collect them.

  • Buy unique merchandise… hurry some collectables are already sold out.

  • Reach out to friends and family in a personal way… send Snail Mail!

  • Call your Senators… They need to hear this from their constituents.

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New Item – Mini Lip Balm Tubes Set

New Item – Mini Lip Balm Tubes Set

Eight different colored Caps on Clear Bases. Approximately 1.5″ Tall. Will hold 1-4 short cut Q-Tip heads. Small Odor Storage Box hold them nicely. Makes a fun gift for someone special or treat yourself…  just because you deserve it!

Colors as shown: Dark Silver, Gold Brown, Yellow, Dark Green, Black, Light Silver and Red.

Find it at:


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Demand that your representatives vote to support the United States Post Office!

Do you get letters, checks, packages and medicine thru the USPS? How about UPS, Fed Ex packages?  If so you should be concerned. In many cases the last mile of a UPS or Fed Ex package is actually completed by the USPS.

They are the only government agency required to have decades worth of retirement funds in reserve. They actually do not run at a loss as reported. It is an incredible service relied upon by millions of americans for their medicine, retirement and social security checks.

Many small business like k9nwsource send out thousands of packages a year at deeply discounted rates. Our customers would be paying approx 40 to 75% more in shipping charges if not for the USPS. 99% of the packages we send get to their destinations on time and in perfect condition.

The USPS is in trouble. Democratic and Republican corporations UPS, Amazon, FedEx and other national delivery services need to step up and design a supplemental system to the US Postal Service to deliver ballots for the 2020 election. Perhaps statewide drive-up drop boxes everywhere.

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Congratulations to those teams who competed this whirlwind weekend!

This past weekend across the country teams competed in Nosework and Scent Work Trials.      Our Congratulations to all teams that came out to play with their “Best Friends”.  Small and large goals were achieved in challenging conditions.

Do some bragging and treat yourself to some new Car Magnets and Brag Tags.

Use coupon CODE:    july10Off   and grab some savings  too!

Scent Work themed Car Magnets and Title Magnets / Decals

These items make very nice gift’s.

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Grab some Hot Savings

Kerby grabs some savings: July10%Off
Kerby grabs some savings: July10%Off
  • Trials and Scent Tests have been taking place.
  • Instructors are gearing up for their first in person classes in quite awhile.
  • Are you ready with fresh Oils and Supplies?

Use Coupon Code: July10Off to save 10% on everything

Not including scented Q’s and Gift Certificates.

Coupon code will expire soon.

Hurry and grab your savings.


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Go Pro… CAMO Tins have arrived.

CAMO Tins… Wow!

These CAMO tins will blend into any environment. The 5 tin assortment gives you many options for hide placement. Each tin has one Rare Earth Neodymium magnet inside. They are fun and functional. Treat yourself or someone else with a Gift Boxed Set.

These will only be sold as a 5 digital pattern colored set. Please do not ask us sell individual colors.

CAMO Tins Set of 5 with Magnets
CAMO Tins Set of 5 with Magnets
CAMO Tins Set of 5 in Gift Box
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A small gift to give “THANKS” to all of our wonderful Scentwork Friends.


Many people are staying home and finding that Nose/Scentwork is a great way to pass the time with their “Best Friends”.

We would like to help make that a bit easier by offering 15% off of everything here at

Noticing a few months ago that some items were getting hard to find we ordered in bulk. So our supplies are fresh and almost everything is in-stock.

Our Best Wishes to you and your families,

Jane and Dani

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Nosey Fun you can have while home with your pup.

Nosework / Scent Work Fun can help you and your pup at this difficult time.

  • Contact your instructor for individualized coaching thru video or phone conferencing.
  • On-Line classes maybe the best option for you.
  • Webnars are available on countless training subjects.
  • Watch those videos you purchased and never had the time to review.

And a gift from us to you… Stay Well!

15% off all items at including Gift Certificates.

Use Coupon code: ALERT15OFF.

  • It is becoming difficult to get some of the items we sell.
  • We are doing everything possible to protect ourselves and our customers.                                                              
  • It may take us a bit longer to fill orders.   Please be patient.
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Happy Holiday Season to All

Limited Editions Specials were a huge hit this year.

We have some left …  Priority Shipping 1-3 Day required if needed by Christmas.

Gift Certificates can be e-mailed within hours.

“THANK YOU” to all of our loyal customers. Your support has helped us grow. Allowing us to continue providing the best selection of Nosework / Scent Work items anywhere. Unique Products, Fast Turn Around Times and Fair Actual Shipping Rates have distinguished us from the competition.

We look forward to supplying more great products in 2020. Our newest Item will be GLOW IN THE DARK plastic magnetic discs for some super fun searching!

Happy Holiday Season to Everyone from,

Jane, Dani and Rob Too!