Color Dipped Hemostats


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Hemostats- Handle your Q-Tips and Hides like a Pro!

  • As beautiful as they are functional. Much more precise than tweezers.
  • Rainbow  colors make them easier to find if you drop them!
  • Choose the smaller lighter weight curved tip 3.5″ hemostats for straws and tight spaces.
  • Once you use hemostats you will wonder how you ever did without them.
  • Super for getting hides Into and out of places w/o contaminating your hands.
  • Great for those moments when the tweezers just don’t have the gripping power.

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5.5" Color Dipped Hemostat w/ Straight Tips, 3.5" Color Dipped Hemostat w/ Curved Tips, 5.5" Color Dipped Hemostat w/ Straight Tips AND 3.5"Color Dipped Hemostat w/ Curved Tips