Hide Tubes


  • Clear plastic bottom cap removes to place q-tips.
  • Screw on plastic sleeve closes the tube when not in use
  • Carry your hides without leaking odor
  • Use Q-Tips or the cotton paper stick pcs – 1 stick inc
  • Wider clear top cap helps to hold tube in place


Hide Tubes with Caps – 6 Colors

These tubes are similar to Lip Balm Tubes but Have a full long cap to cover the tube when not in use.

Place q-tips (or pieces of the cotton paper stick)  inside the inner tube and then replace the clear top.

Hide Tubes are available in sets and individually in the following colors:

  • RED … easy to see from a distance for the handler. (OUT OF STOCK)
  • RUST
  • GRAY

Additional information

Nasal Odor Tubes

7 Colors Boxed Set, All 7 Colors in 1 pack, 6 Colors in 1 pack, 5 Colors in 1 pack, Green Tube, Black Tube, Brown Tube, Rust Tube, Red Tube, Gray Tube, Tan Tube