Magnetic Bullet Tube


These are incredibly TINY! A hair under 1/2 inch wide by slightly less than 3/4″ tall.  (12mm wide by 18mm tall)   Aluminum bullet shaped canisters with screw on top. O-Ring for a tight seal. One Q-Tip Head fits nicely into the top. One Rare Earth Magnet inside the bottom makes this container magnetic. Sold in packs of  three tubes.  One each of Brown, Black and Green color. Or treat yourself to the stealthiest kit we make and get:

  • Six Bullet hide containers: 2 – Brown / 2 – Black / 2 – Green
  • Four tiny bottles with nine BLACK Scented Q-Tip heads Birch, Anise, Clove and Cypress (2 Drops essential oil per Q-Tip Head.
  • Tweezer
  • Snap Tight Box
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Bullet Tube

1- Brown, 1- Black, 1- Green, Boxed Set 6 Tubes w- Tweezer and Scented Q's, 6 Tubes with Scented Q's in 4 Bottles