Magnetic Metal Straws


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4 – Magnetic Metal Straws in a Set

2- Black  /  1- Silver  /   1- Copper  (Gold is no longer available)

Magnetic Metal Straws Main Pic-2 Black, 1 Siver, 1 Gold

  • Metal Straws are the ultimate in “stealth” hides.
  • These tubes will hold 1 “Short Cut” Q-Tip in each end.
  • Use multiple straws together.
  • Most Q-Tips fit perfectly but you can always pick a bit at the cotton head of the Q-Tip (to make it fluffier) for a snugger fit.  Use a bit of putty wrapped around the Q-Tip Stem to hold in place. Fold the stem to make a Q shorter and push both stems into the straw to make a snug fit.
  • Environmentally friendly straw alternative

More environmentally friendly Cardboard Lip Balm variations.

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Metal Straws 4 Pack

Pack of Four: 2-Black,1-Gold and 1-Silver, 1 Black Tube and 4 Magnetic Straws, 1 Kraft Brown Tube and 4 Magnetic Straws, 1 White Tube and 4 Magnetic Straws