Mini Lip Balm Tubes


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Set of 8 Colored Caps on the Clear Base Mini Hide Tubes.   Approx 1.5″ tall that will hold 1-4 “Cut Short “Q-Tips

Magnetic Mini Tubes are available in Clear with a flat top, White or Pale Shimmer Gold Bullet Rounded Top. Same Tube with a Rare Earth Magnet so you can attach it to any metal surface! Tops all have 1 hole pre-drilled for you.



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Mini Tubes

8 Colored Caps on Clear Bases in a Small Snap Tight Box, 8 Colored Caps on Clear Bases, Magnetic Pale Gold Tube, Magnetic White Tube, Magnetic TWO Tube Set – 1 Pale Gold and 1 White, Magnetic Clear Lip Balm Mini Tube