NACSW – Starter Kit …”Deluxe” w/ Snap Tight Container.



NACSW “Strength” DELUXE Starter Kit is a great choice and includes all of the following items to get you off to a GREAT start!

  • 1— Snap Tight Container
  • 1—  1 oz Jar with 60-66 Q-Tips — ALL WHITE Q”S Standard. Half Black Q’s for an additional $2.00 …    use the drop down menu to add the charge.

Q-Tips are SCENTED with your choice of BIRCH, ANISE, CLOVE, CYPRESS, VETIVER or MYRRH.

  • 1—1oz Jar of Scented Q’s…   Cap and Side “labeled”
  • 1— 1 Dram size of Target 100% Essential Single Source Oil
  • 1—High Quality Tweezer
  • 1— RED Slider Tin with 3 holes. Will help you to reward more quickly
  • 1— Slider 6 Hole Tin
  • 2— Rare Earth Magnets .5″
  • 3— Heat Strips –  1— each in Black / Brown and Grey
  • 1— Clear Lip Balm Tube
  • 1— Centrifuge Tube Package –  1— each in Clear, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Black, Rust
  • 1— Clip-On Plastic Hide


NACSW – PLUS Starter Kit  and NACSW – STUDENT Starter Kit

Additional information

Starter Kit "Deluxe"

BIRCH, ANISE, CLOVE, CYPRESS, VETIVER, MYRRH, Upgrade to half Black & Half White Q's