Valerie’s “Famous Seamus” Intro to Odor Kit


The “Famous Seamus” Intro to Odor Kit

Seamus set a record as the first and perhaps only dog to achieve the NACSW Elite title by earning all his NW3 titles in first place.  He did this while overcoming fears and battling serious medical issues.  And it all started with a single odor and a tin.

His handler, Valerie Casperite, (CNWI, ORT CO and Judge, and AKC SW judge) of K9 InScentives, offers this Intro to Odor kit to honor him and to inspire you and your dogs on your Nose Work journey.  

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K9 Inscentives

The kit contains:

  • 1 – 3/4oz Jar of NACSW Strength BIRCH Q’s
  • 1-Dram Size of BIRCH Oil with Dropper
  • Tweezer
  • 4 –  tins with magnets, Green, Gray, Brown and Black
  • 2oz – Zero Odor Spray Bottle
  • Sample Size Earth Quake Putty
  • Snap Tight case

Kit contains everything you need to start class.

Order additional scented q’s in NACSW Strength or All Venues Strength.

Order oil sets to make more Q’s

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"Seamus" Kit

"Seamus" Intro to Odor Kit