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AKC to add Scent Work to it’s list of Venues.

Birch, Anise and Clove are the first three Target odors as in NACSW.

AKC chose Peppermint for their 4th Target Odor.     There have been enough complains and concerns that they are looking for suggestions and open to changing to a different Target Oil.  They are sympathetic to our concerns with Peppermint. Here are the criteria.

In choosing a fourth scent, we sought to find one that: 1) Was not too expensive; 2) Was not sticky and difficult to work with, thus increasing the risk of contamination (such as Myrrh and Vetiver that the UKC uses); and 3) Was not malodorous to the handler.

The following is a portion of the letter k9nwsource submitted to the AKC:

I would respectfully ask that you reconsider using Peppermint as your 4th Target Odor.
Too commonly found in many environments. Peppermint Essential Oil is only sold as one botanical variety. Sweet Birch is a different botanical variety than Birch Tar and Anise Seed is a different variety than Anise Star used in baking and candy.
This common oil will certainly & unknowingly turn up in your search environments creating problems for your competitors and hosts. Peppermint is common in many Soaps, Lotions, Cleaning products, Teas, Candy, Soda … just to name a few.
Also handlers adding this Oil to their Target Odor List will incur unnecessary training problems. As there is only one botanical variety of Peppermint they will be TRYING to train their dogs to not alert on Peppermint … “except” the target odor strength and only when in training.

MY Suggestion would be Elemi Essential OIL
A bit incense-like. Thin clear oil. Steam Distilled.
Relatively inexpensive.

Usually sells for the same amount as Clove.

Elemi__Essential Oil
Elemi__Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Canarium Luzonicum

Country of Origin: Philippines and France

Cultivation Method: Standard Cultivation

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Gum/Resin

Consistency: Thin

Scent: Elemi Essential Oil is a middle note with a medium scent that can be most accurately described by comparing it to a dill pickle coupled with citrus notes. It is known though as being surprisingly fresh and clean.

Cautions: None Known.

Aromatic Description: Fresh, citrusy, peppery, spicy. Elemi is surprisingly fresh and clean. This resin oil is more light, fresh and lemon-like than the other balsamic aromas. It is a bit incense-like, spicy, and slightly camphoraceous, yet softer and balsamic

Perfumery Note: Middle

Aromatherapy Properties: (Uses) Elemi is a gum produced by a tree of the Canarium family, Canarium luzonicum, that is grown in a specific region of the Philippines, south of Manila. 
Mainly between July and November, the tree is tapped by making incisions in its bark and removing a thin strip every day. Trees in their seventh year or older produce abundant quantities of the gum, which is harvested weekly. Fresh Elemi gum is bright white in color. It retains a pasty consistency that enables it to be molded into the wooden boxes in which it is traditionally exported.