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Demand that your representatives vote to support the United States Post Office!

Do you get letters, checks, packages and medicine thru the USPS? How about UPS, Fed Ex packages?  If so you should be concerned. In many cases the last mile of a UPS or Fed Ex package is actually completed by the USPS.

They are the only government agency required to have decades worth of retirement funds in reserve. They actually do not run at a loss as reported. It is an incredible service relied upon by millions of americans for their medicine, retirement and social security checks.

Many small business like k9nwsource send out thousands of packages a year at deeply discounted rates. Our customers would be paying approx 40 to 75% more in shipping charges if not for the USPS. 99% of the packages we send get to their destinations on time and in perfect condition.

The USPS is in trouble. Democratic and Republican corporations UPS, Amazon, FedEx and other national delivery services need to step up and design a supplemental system to the US Postal Service to deliver ballots for the 2020 election. Perhaps statewide drive-up drop boxes everywhere.