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Biodegradeable and Compostable Straws!


 COMPOSTABLE – Pre-Cut Straws

Pre Cut Straws  2″ long will hold 2 q-tips and protect surfaces from contamination.

In a mixed bag of 15 pcs —3 Brown, 3 Black, 3 Green, 3 White and Clear straws.

Squeeze pre cut straws into tiny places using Hemostats or use Putty.


ECO-Friendy 15 pack

5 Sample colors in Kraft Lip Balm Tube

Pre Cut Straws



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Place your Holiday Gift Orders ASAP .. It is NOT too soon.

K9 NWSource has grown in products and sales in 2017.

To insure you get the items you want by Dec 24th Orders Must Be Placed By Dec 1st.

We need extra time to produce the huge volume of products  and many custom orders.


We will be shipping using PRIORITY USPS in almost all cases unless you indicate your order is not time sensitive.

Check Out these favorites:

GIFT CERTIFICATES available Same Day in e-mail form or a Hard Copy sent by Mail:


Holiday Hides:

Holiday Hides Kit
Holiday Hides Kit

Naughty and Nice Ultimate Hide Kit:

Naughty and Nice Ultimate Kit
Naughty and Nice Ultimate Kit

Large Hide Items Kit:

Products in the large hide items kit.
Products in the large hide items kit.

Holiday Travel Kit:

Holiday Travel Kit
Holiday Travel Kit

Hanukkah Gifts:


Holiday Brag Tags:


Nosework Ornaments Choose any Brag Tag
Nosework Ornaments
Choose any Brag Tag

Travel Tubes on NOSEWORK Loops in custom Color combinations:

untitled shoot-9013504

Car Magnets Levels and Nosework Themed:

Variety of Nosework Car Magnets
Variety of Nosework Car Magnets

NWProduct-010067 This ALL I CARE ABOUT IS NOSEWORK magnet is available in Glitter Blue by special order.



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Meet Our New Mascot … KIRBY


Kirby at 10 Weeks old. Playing Fetch!
Kirby at 10 Weeks old.
Playing Fetch!

Kirby is a 10 week old Belgian Malinois.

He will start his Nosework career this week.

Dani will be starting him using our Pairing Tins.

(Our Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning / Introduction Plates would work just as well.)

First he will “hunt” for his meals having been divided between 4 Tins with an EMPTY Slider. Building up to 12 Plates … still EMPTY Slider. Plates should be in a line down a hall way or hugging a wall to help him find each plate and not skip any. If he starts to skip plates we will back track to a lesser number of plates.

When he is successfully finding every “Plate” we will load 1 BIRCH -Q Tip into 3 of the 12 plate sliders. If there is no aversion to the Birch we will add ANISE next. First only one Slider will get ANISE until we see there is no aversion to the new Scent. Building up to having 3 BIRCH scented Sliders and 3 ANISE scented Sliders. Adding Clove in the same manner. Lastly a Combo 1 – Q of Each odor per Slider.

Kirby will HUNT for one meal each day. Transitioning to using a healthy treat instead of his kibble to be used mid-day when he goes to 2 meals a day.

Look for videos here as KIRBY progresses

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Great time to be a Nosework / Scentwork Enthusiast!

Birch Addiction T copy

It is a great time to be a Nosey Dog.

Back from South Africa and in full swing here at K9 NWSource. Lots of Fresh Q’s, Target Odor Oils and new products going out the door.

So much is going on in the Nosework & Scentwork Communities.

  • NACSW– K9 Nose Work Training Camp Westmont in Poyntelle, PA – SEPTEMBER 6-11, 2017 ​
  • AKC- Eukanuba Performance Games, Wilmington, Ohio – SEPTEMBER 14-17, 2017
  • Performance Scent Dogs – Trials coming up and open now in NH, TN, MA, NY, & NJ.
  • C-Wags Scent Detectives – Trials coming up in PA, MI, TX, UT, IN, OH & Quesnel, BC.
  • USCSS – Trials coming up in CO, MA, TX, CA and WA

For those of you lucky enough to be going to NOSEWORK Camp in PA HAVE FUN!


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Did you hear? K9nwsource on Vacation August 2nd thru the 15th.

No orders will be processed while we are on our first vacation in many years!

Please place orders the 1st three weeks in July.

Instructors if you need kits in multiples order as early as possible.

Processing of orders will commence on the 16th in the order in which they were received. You can specify Priority Shipping if you are willing to pay a higher shipping cost.

August is not usually a high volume time for us but I don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

South African Wild Dog Pups.
South African Wild Dog Pups.
More cute Wild Dog Pups.
More cute Wild Dog Pups.


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Trialing in the Woodstock, Ct- June 4th NACSW Elite

Looking forward to a great trial with my best girl “Aurora” ELT-1.

K9NW Source wishes all competitors “GOOD LUCK” and sincerely thanks the Host New England Scent Dogs ( Anne Steciw) and Volunteers.

Need Nosework Supplies and want to save on shipping?

I can bring orders up on the 4th if you are going to be there.

Put Deliver to Woodstock, CT in the Customer Details section above your billing address. You must order by Thursday night June 1st.

Happy 10th Birthday to my girl Rory.
Happy 10th Birthday to my girl Rory.