Heat Shrink Tubes – 2 Sizes… Hold 3 Q’s or 1 Q-Tip


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Heat Shrink Tubes – Black  /  Brown   /   Gray   /    Green    /   Red  /   Clear  /  White

One 3″ piece. Cut it in half for two -1.5″ pcs  which is ideal for small spaces, hindges and seams)

Place 3 q-Tips across one end and fold the tape bottom up so odor escapes from only one end.

Terrific for sliding into very small areas. The texture of the tape helps to keep the hides in place.

You can heat the tape with a hair dryer to have it “Shrink” around 1-2 Q-Tips to produce a small rounded black tube that fits into asphalt cracks and molding strips. Use VERY FRESH Q-Tips if you are going to heat the tape.



Heat Shrink Tube pieces perfect for 1 Q-Tip AKC Hides!

Sold as a package of all 7 colors in 1.5″ pieces