Centrifuge Tubes



Centrifuge Tubes 2 Styles

  • AKC Style with Open Tips – 1.5ml Tubes in 7 Vibrant Colors. Place your q-tip fluffy head side down into the tip and snap tube closed.
  • Package of 7 Closed Tips -1.5ml Tubes will hold 3 Q’s fluffy head side up. Close caps while transporting. Open when you place your hide.

Additional information

Centrifuge Tubes

AKC Scent Vessel Style – Open Tips, 1.5mil- 1 of each color VIBRANT Pack (7pcs), 5 pcs- Brown 1.5ml, 5 pcs- Green 1.5ml, 5 pcs- Clear 1.5ml, 5 pcs- Blue 1.5ml, 5 pcs- Orange 1.5ml, 5 pcs- Yellow 1.5ml, 5 pcs- Black 1.5ml, 5 pcs Pale Blue, 5 pcs Pale Pink


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