Compact Hide Tools Kit


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This Compact Hide Tools Kit contains the supplies needed to correctly handle Scented Q-Tips and to place hides that will stay in place.

Compact Hide Tools Kit Contains:

  • Tweezer in Case
  • Small curved tip “Rainbow”Hemostat that is easy to see and hard to lose.
  • Sample size of putty. You only need to use a very small amount and putty can be re-used.
  • Black Putty Sample Size.
  • Nitrile 2- Pair of disposable gloves … ideally you will use them once and throw them away as they WILL pick-up odor quickly.
  • 12 pcs of Glue Dashes – Used at trials and by instructors because they hold so well and are removable without damaging surfaces as Glue Dot can do.
  • Cardboard Tube with 20 Rear Earth Magnets
Contents of Compact Hide Tools Kit
Contents of Compact Hide Tools Kit

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Compact Hide Tools Kit

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