Carry Along Case … Go Sniff!


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These “Carry Along Cases” are compact and ready to travel.

You will get 1- Dram amber bottles of each target odor Essential Oil, 12- Pre Scented Q-Tips in a glass vial with Teflon Cap, a Tweezer, 1- 3 Hole Slider Tin with 1-Rare Earth Magnet and a 6-Hole Slider with 1- Rare Earth Magnet. All in a very easy to take along Snap Tight Case.

Purchase a Loaded Tins Kit Large or Loaded Tins Small Kit to accompany this Carry Along Case … Go Sniff and you will have the makings of lots of hides.

Available in:

NACSW / Performance Scent Dogs – Essential Oils and Q’s

AKC – Essential Oils’s and Q’s

UKC – Essential Oils and Q’s

C-Wag Scents – Essential Oils and Q’s

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Carry Along ... Go Sniff!

Carry Along … Go Sniff – NACSW, Carry Along … Go Sniff – AKC, Carry Along … Go Sniff – UKC, Carry Along … Go Sniff – C-Wags