Glue Dashes


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This is how the Hide/ Scent Vessels stay in place at trials!

Thicker than Glue Dots and much easier to use.   Can be removed without damaging surfaces…READ Instructions!

Made in the USA. Non Toxic. Acid Free. Safe for pets.

Bonds to: Plastic, wood, title, carpet, metal, craft foam, granite, canvas, glass, cement, foam board, fabrics, paper, fiberglass and laminates. Waterproof, weatherproof, adhesive can be cut to size and then cleanly removed off of most surfaces. Bonds instantly to surfaces and can be used on most any substrate.

  • Package includes: 4 sheets of dashes; each sheet contains 40 dashes; each dash is 1/2in x 5/8in 160 Glue Dashes per package
  • Double sided adhesive with double liner
  • Translucent in color

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Pro Glue 160

Pro GLU— full package 160 pcs, Sample pack with 20 pcs