Oriole Dog Club – Intro to Odor Kit


[NW102] Introduction to Odor/K9 Nose Work©
Instructor:  Sue Cox, ANWI and Jaqueline Reardon, CNWI

This is the next sequence in the program for dog/handler teams who have completed NW 101 – NW Foundations:  Introduction/Foundation to K9 Nose work©. The instruction provided in this class will follow the methods and foundation of K9 Nose Work©. Classes focus on continued teaching and encouraging the development of your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt for food and/or toys, now paired with NACSW competition odors (Birch/Anise/Clove).

Oriole Dog Training Club, Incorporated is a non-profit organization teaching people how to train their dogs for good citizenship, companionship and involvement in dog sports since 1945. Located in Halethorpe, MD 21227


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The kit contains:

  • 3 – 3/4oz Jars of NACSW Strengthen each: BIRCH Q’s, ANISE Q’s and CLOVE Q’s
  • Tweezer in a Case
  • 3 – Slider Tins with magnets, Green, Brown and Black
  • Heat Shrink: 1pc each of Green, Brown and Black
  • Sample Size Earth Quake Putty
  • Snap Tight case

Kit contains everything you need to start class.

Order additional scented q’s in NACSW Strength or All Venues Strength.

Order oil sets to make more Q’s

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Oriole Kit

"Oriole Dog Training Club" Intro to Odor Kit