Splintax Smoke Matches and Regin Smoke Pen


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Splintax Smoke Matches


25 Matches TUB  — Splintax 15-20 Second, White/Grey non-toxic smoke emitters.

These smoke matches provide a quick method of visualizing how odor IS BEING affected in certain conditions.

Sometime you just have to try them to understand why your dog is not getting a “Simple” hide!

Keep them DRY!    Store in a plastic bag.


Go Pro!    Regis Smoke Pen … 360 individual 30 second tests!

YOU CAN “SEE” ODOR and the path it is taking.

Smoke Pen and 6 Wicks  — Light wick with a regular match or lighter.

Provides a quick method to visualizing how odor is traveling, collecting and even changing direction.

Will help to understand why your dog is not getting a “Simple” hide!

To “turn off” just put the cap back on.


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Splintax Matches

25 Splintax Matches Tub, Regin Smoke Pen


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