Travel Tubes




We now have slightly different Travel Tubes!   Please be patient as we update pictures of all of the ways you can purchase these versatile containers.

Here is what the new Travel Tubes look like… a bit shorter, slightly wider and a flat bottom.

Travel Tubes are a similar size as a Lip Balm Tube. Made of Aluminum and are water / air tight using a rubber “O” Ring. Sets are also available.

We will label the tubes with the Target Odor you specify in the “Note” section when you place your order.

Ex: Birch = Green   /   Anise = Black

Please indicate if you want scented Q’s inside. 

  • For AKC —  2 drops on each Q-Tip
  • For NACSW and other venues we put 1 tiny drop. Use only 1 Q-Tip per hide.

 Don’t be caught without Target Odor again!

Do not over tighten or the “O” ring will flatten out and not be able to do it’s job.


Additional information

Travel Odor Tube

Six colors (no Purple), Six colors (no Gold), Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Red, Purple