Travel Tube Kits … Three Sizes




GREAT for Vacation or keep in your Car!

Deluxe Kit has $38 dollars worth of supplies … 4 Target Odors in Labeled Tubes, Tweezers, 3 Lip Balm Tubes and 3 Slider Tins (1, 3 and 6 Holes).

Plus Kit has … 4 Target Odors in Labeled Tubes, Tweezers, 1 Lip Balm Tube and 2 Slider Tins (1, and 3 holes).

Basic Kit has … 3 Target Odors (AKC has 4) in Labeled Tubes and a Tweezer.

Please indicate if you do not want scented Q’s inside … these tubes will have 5 -Q’s with one drop of oil on each.

GREAT CAR or Purse Travel Kits!

A label on the kit is available for no extra charge. We suggest your name or phone number. Put that info in the Comments section of your order.

Travel Tube Kits maybe customized … just let us know what you want.

Do not over tighten or the “O” ring will flatten out and not be able to do it’s job.

Additional information

Travel Tube Kits

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