Travel Tubes




Travel Tubes are a similar size as a Lip Balm Tube. Made of Aluminum and are water / air tight using a rubber “O” Ring.

We will label the tubes with a Target Odor if you specify in the “Note” section when you place your order.

We suggest:  Birch = BLUE or SILVER   /   Anise = BLACK   /   Clove = RED or GOLD    /   Cypress = BLUE or SILVER   /  Combo = SILVER   /    Vetiver = only in GREEN   /   Myrrh = PURPLE or GOLD

Please indicate if you want scented Q’s inside. 

  • For AKC —  2 drops on each Q-Tip
  • For NACSW and other venues we put 1 tiny drop. Use only 1 Q-Tip per hide.

Sets and Kits:   Travel Tube Kits  /  Travel Tube Sets on Key Loop

Additional information

Travel Odor Tube

Six colors: Silver, Black, Blue, Gold, Purple and Red, Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Red, Purple