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Success in 2017 with Fresh Target Oils and Q’s

Happy 2017!

This is the best time for a new batch of Scented Q’s prepared with fresh new Essential Oils.

Probably you know to look for Steam Distilled Oils not Solvent Extracted. Organic whenever possible. Stored in Amber glass and kept at room or cooler refrigerator temperature.

Did you know that the Shelf Life of your Essential Oils is Approx 2 years from the harvesting of the oil?  So if your oil is older than 18 months to 2 years it is probably due for a replacement. Lot’s of handlers are using more oil now to scent their Q’s. That maybe because they are using older oil that just does not have that “Top Note” anymore. Place TWO drops of oil on a cotton pad and let it sit in a baby food size jar. Take the lid off after a couple of hours. When you unscrew the top you should get a good whiff of clean smelling essential oil.

If you compete your dog is going to be sourcing the Freshest Essential Target Odor Oil on freshly made all Cotton/Paper Q’s in a brand new hide container.

You probably spend quite a bit on Classes, Training, Competing and Traveling.

The best and least expensive investment you can make is in Fresh Oil and New Clean Hide Containers.

These new Essential Oil Kits have been added now to our extensive array of choices in Nosework Supplies.



All 3 NACSW Target Odor Essential Oils in a 1 Dram Size Set Inside a Snap Tight Container.


All 5 UKC – Target Odor Essential Oils in 1 Dram Size Inside a Snap Tight Container.
All 4 C-Wags – Target Oil Essential Oils in 1 Dram Size Inside a Snap Tight Container.