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How to use Straws for Hides

I started using straws over 2 years ago. It seemed silly to use Heat Shrink Tape (which has great uses see upcoming blogs) to make a round long straw type hide. The benefits of straws are:
  • Inexpensive     /     Come in different colors     /   Cut them easily to any length     /     Will fit into the tiniest of spaces
  • Keeps the Q-Tips from contaminating surfaces     /    Hemostats can pull them out     /    Smallest container choice for “Hides”

Straws are available in Black, Brown, Clear and Green. Using Hemostats and wearing Gloves is recommended to load straws. Hemostats will most likely be needed for placement and removal of straw hides.

Straw Hides in Tubes for carrying
Straw Hides in Tubes for carrying


Channeling exercise.
Channeling exercise.
Sparky finds "Source"
Sparky finds “Source”

After aging the hide for about a hour we ran 4 dogs on this “Birch Hide”. Note that the bottom of the straw was pinched closed to have most of the scent go out the top just under the slate.

ORT-Birch level dogs took the longest to source this difficult hide. The slight wind was pulling the odor towards the right of this picture. Also there was a stream below and the moisture of the water was probably also a factor in the scent traveling to the right. They were able to get within a few inches and we rewarded right at source.

NW1 level dogs did some bracketing (one tried to get behind the wall) and then alerted on source.

NW2 and NW3 dogs were able to work out the problem the quickest without “chasing the odor” .

VIDEO POSTS will accompany these post very soon!