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What do you need to start an AKC Class or Program?

AKC regulations specifies 2 drops of essential oil on every Q-Tip head.
K9NWSource “AKC” kits are done that way.
The following are options for you to have the proper regulation scented Q’s and supplies to get started in AKC Scent Work
Plan 1: Buy just the AKC Oils and a Tins Kit. You’ll have to make your own Q’s to get started.
AKC Oils:
Tins Kits:
Plan 2: Buy a 4 odor kit with scented Q’s. You’ll be ready to start right away!
AKC Multi Odor Kit – $45.75



Judges Style AKC KIT – $59.25.   Scented Q’s all 4 Odors and 36 Scent Vessels

“Carry Along” AKC KIT – $48.00   15 Scented Q’s (each odor) to get you started… Plus the oils to make your own Q’s.