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Glue Dashes is a “thing”

Superior to Glue Dots or Putty. These squares of translucent adhesive will hold any hide/ scent vessel securely inplace until you want to remove it.. No more struggling with putty that gets infused with odor over time.

Industrial strength adhesive made in the USA. Non Toxic. Safe for kids and pets!

Bonds to: Plastic, wood, title, carpet, metal, craft foam, granite, canvas, glass, cement, foam board, fabrics, paper, fiberglass and laminates. Waterproof, weatherproof, adhesive can be cut to size and then cleanly removed off of most surfaces. *NOTE* Read instructions for easy removal of Glue Dashes.

This product is being used at trials to be sure a hide stays in place.
Now you know the “Trick” to setting a good hide 🙂