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New Reality Dog Adventure Show “THE PACK” relied on K9NWSource to provided their scentwork supplies!

When the dogs are required to do a scent challenge they are looking for K9NWSource BIRCH!

We provided Sweet Birch Oil and Scented Q’s for them to train the teams before filming.

The Pack is more or less an Amazing Race-style contest where 12 dogs and their people participate in different races in cities around the world. Initially split into two “packs” of six dog/owner combos, they start with a team competition. Whichever team crosses the finish line in full first wins, and the members of the losing team have to compete against each other to see who will be eliminated. The winning dog/person team gets a hefty $500,000, plus $250,000 donated to the charity of their choice. Plus, the show will donate $250,000 to charities in the cities where they race.