Great Hanukkah Gifts



Hanukkah Gift Items

  • Small Hide Items  Kit – 6  Hide Items in a Snap Tight Box
  • Small Travel Tubes Set – 3 Tubes and a Tweezer
  • Clip-On Hide plus K9NW Brag Tag inside /  use as an “Ornament” / tie onto a gift
  • Car Magnet w/ a BLUE Brag Tag … Choose from K9NW, It Depends or Alert Finish

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Additional information

Hanukkah Gifts

Hanukkah – Small Hides Kit – 6 Hide Items, w/ Hanukkah – SNAP TIGHT BOX, Hanukkah – Small Travel Tubes Set, w/ SNAP TIGHT BOX, Hanukkah – Clip-On Hide plus K9NW Brag Tag inside, Hanukkah – K9NW Brag Tag & Car Magnet in Gift Bag