Starter Kit …”Plus” w/ Snap Tight Container.


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Starter Kit “Plus” w/ Snap Tight Container Includes:

  • 1— Snap Tight Container
  • 1—  1 oz Jar with 36 – 42 Q-Tips — ALL WHITE Q”S
  • Q-Tips are SCENTED with your choice of BIRCH, ANISE, CLOVE, CYPRESS, VETIVER or MYRRH.
  • 1—Jar Cap and Side “labeled”
  • 1—High Quality Tweezer
  • 1— RED Slider Tin with 3 Holes
  • 1— Slider Tin with 6 Holes
  • 2— Rare Earth Magnets .5″
  • 1— Heat Strip Black
  • 2— Centrafuge Tubes
  • 1— Clip-On Plastic Hide

*  You can use our Q’s to train for ALL SCENTWORK / NOSEWORK COMPETITION VENUES. They have been used for over 6 years by thousands of highly successful teams in Scentwork and Nosework competitions.   Our Q’s are “misted” onto a layer of Q’s lying flat to insure they all get a tiny bit of oil molecules.    A formula is used for how much oil is misted into each batch (# of Q’s).   The most successful  teams train using a wide range of hide odor strength.   This can be done by varying the # of Q-Tips per hide, using fresh and older q’s, using different type of hide (scent vessel) containers that have a variety of the number of holes.   Practicing easily accessible to very deep inaccessible hides. We recommend the following information as a guide to matching approx hide strength.  Always vary the strength of your hides to build a better prepared dog.

  • NACSW average Q- Strength — Use 1-2 Q
  • PSD average Q- Strength — Use 1-2 Q
  • CPESS average Q- Strength — Use 2-4
  • AKC average Q-Strength – Use 3-6 Q’s
  • C-Wags average Q- Strength — Use 1-2 Q



DELUXE Starter Kit  and STUDENT Starter Kit

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