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Attention: Order Processing Suspended

UPDATE: we have closed the site.
Due to a family illness, order processing will be suspended and the site closed to new orders. We apologize for delays in shipping to you; any orders that already have come in will be handled as soon as physically possible. We appreciate your patronage and patience while Jane recovers. We hope to be back to normal later this year, when you will again get the same quality products, order turn around and customer service.

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Orders may be placed April 1st thru April 9th   —  but will NOT be fulfilled until April 10th.

APRIL 1st 12pm (EST) thru and April 9th at 12pm …
… you may place an order but is will not be processed until I get home the afternoon of April 9th.
  • Orders will be proceeded in the order that they are received.
  • Please do not place an order if it is time sensitive.
  • If you later wish to cancel your order please contact us before April 9th.
  • Feel free to contact me by e-mail if you have a specific question.
  • All items are currently in-stock and we anticipate being able to process all orders and ship by April 10th.
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New Nosework® Supplies for 2014!

We have added lots of NEW ITEMS for 2014 and reduced some prices too!

CELEBRATE the New Year with NEW Supplies to help you in your NOSEWORK® Training.

Go to k9nwsource products to give yourself the GIFT of

  • Fresh Target Odor
  • Fresh Scented Q-Tips
  • Clean Rust Free Tins
  • Tweezers and Hemostats for Better Handling of Q-Tips and Straws or Heat Tape
  • New Hide Containers for more Creative Hides
  • Car Magnets and Brag Tags to celebrate ORT to NW3 achievements
  • New Custom Kits



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How to use Straws for Hides

I started using straws over 2 years ago. It seemed silly to use Heat Shrink Tape (which has great uses see upcoming blogs) to make a round long straw type hide. The benefits of straws are:
  • Inexpensive     /     Come in different colors     /   Cut them easily to any length     /     Will fit into the tiniest of spaces
  • Keeps the Q-Tips from contaminating surfaces     /    Hemostats can pull them out     /    Smallest container choice for “Hides”

Straws are available in Black, Brown, Clear and Green. Using Hemostats and wearing Gloves is recommended to load straws. Hemostats will most likely be needed for placement and removal of straw hides.

Straw Hides in Tubes for carrying
Straw Hides in Tubes for carrying


Channeling exercise.
Channeling exercise.
Sparky finds "Source"
Sparky finds “Source”

After aging the hide for about a hour we ran 4 dogs on this “Birch Hide”. Note that the bottom of the straw was pinched closed to have most of the scent go out the top just under the slate.

ORT-Birch level dogs took the longest to source this difficult hide. The slight wind was pulling the odor towards the right of this picture. Also there was a stream below and the moisture of the water was probably also a factor in the scent traveling to the right. They were able to get within a few inches and we rewarded right at source.

NW1 level dogs did some bracketing (one tried to get behind the wall) and then alerted on source.

NW2 and NW3 dogs were able to work out the problem the quickest without “chasing the odor” .

VIDEO POSTS will accompany these post very soon!


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K9 Nose Work Supplies and Training for better results

K9 Nose Work is fast becoming the post popular dog sport around. Their are few ways to have more fun with your dog and improve the relationship you have with your “best Friend”.

One of the best ways to improve your performance in Trials, ORTs and practice sessions is to train with a certified instructor. You can find a list at:

Buy the best assortment of supplies you can from reputable companies.  There are several.

If you have an idea or a product your are looking for please contact me at:

CUSTOM packages are always available. We ship within 24hrs of your payment. Often Same Day!

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NACSW CNWI Status Achieved!


Now an offical CNWI™ ready to continue to help people and their”pet” dogs to achieve their goals in Nosework™.

It was hard work but great fun too. I met some very talented, hard working people with wonderful ideas and goals. Much of our “free Time” was spent discussing students and the stories of how they were progressing.

The willingness to share ideas and help others was all around. The spirt of that training course lives on in the Instructors that have been at this for so much longer than I.

Students if your instructor talks about you … they are most likely bragging!

Go to:  or  to find out much more about K9 Nosework and an instructor in your area.